Finaste lille Dogge ♥

7 thoughts on “Doglas drömmer…

  1. Agreed Brian. I focus on the agrarian side because I think that is the best way. But it is not practical for everyone. Living in the cities is tough because it’s hard to live close to others. Instead you live 15 or 20 minutes away from them and only see them for play dates and maybe school functions. Yet, it could be done if people wanted it enough. Also, several friends have done the next best thing: bought houses in the same neighborhood as our (awesome) parish.

  2. Den Abschnitt zu dem alten Notebook finde ich gut. Man kann sogar alte Notebook für wenig Geld kaufen, wenn einem eine solches ausreicht. Einfach mal nach AFB24 googeln. Außer dem Umweltschutz sichert man damit Arbeitsplätze für Menschen mit Behinderung.


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